Brother and sister, have been making things together since 1996. Based in Cornwall, they work all over the world making theatre, creating artworks (mainly out of mud, plants, steel and mosaic) and setting fire to things.


Posted by on January 2, 2019 in Travelling

For more than thirty years I have been making art and theatre in the wild, not in theatres or galleries, playing and experimenting with new tools, media and materials – ice, seawater, cake, mud, plants, cranes, horses, distance, boats, twilight, fire.

I am a maker, performer, storyteller, curator and director. I have walked much of this path alongside my partner Bill Mitchell. With Kneehigh and WildWorks we developed landscape theatre, gathered stories from communities and found ways of telling them intimately and at scale.

Bill died on Good Friday 2017, taken by cancer at the peak of his powers.

So now I am discovering who I am without him, finding the process both sad and exhilarating.

I have been invited to Sri Lanka to participate in the Sura Medura Artist Residency programme in February this year, to play, to experiment, to explore new territories, physical, virtual and imaginary. Many, many thanks to Neil Butler, Bettina Linstrum and Mark Denbigh for giving me this opportunity. Watch this space for more posts as the adventure unfolds.

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