Brother and sister, have been making things together since 1996. Based in Cornwall, they work all over the world making theatre, creating artworks (mainly out of mud, plants, steel and mosaic) and setting fire to things.

Pete Hill is a multi-disciplined creator of visual art and theatre magic. He is a core member of WildWorks, Cornwall’s international landscape theatre company and has previously worked as;

  • Designer, maker, performer, engineer, pyrotechnician, stuntman, fire sculptor and rigger for Kneehigh Theatre.
  • Puppet maker and engineer for Disney’s Lion King at the Lyceum and for Pop Up Theatre.

His work is hard to define and crosses boundaries between installation, sculpture, art, theatre and celebration. His process is distinctly hands-on and work evolves in response to the making, materials, problems solved and chance discoveries. He often works with his sister Sue and together they have created many large-scale carnival images, fire images and installations. They have also completed both public and private commissions making iconic imagery for, among others, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Chelsea Flower Show and The Eden Project. In 2007 they made a giant mud sculpture for the Great Rift Valley Festival at Laikipia in Kenya, and in 2008 headed a Cornish team of artists working for the festival alongside the Italian production company Studio Festi. Pete ran creative workshops with young people from the slum areas of Nairobi, worked with the local tribes and created a full-size sailing paper dhow that charged past the stage under full sail on the lake. Pete has also undertaken solo commissions for various organisations including Granny’s Hot Tub and The Beacon, a sixteen-metre high glowing Lighthouse for The Public in West Bromwich and a huge giants head for Acacia Park in Leytonstone. Pete is a member of the British, European and European Masters champion Surfboat rowing teams, having beaten the French crew who achieved bronze in Beijing. He completed his Advanced High Altitude Mountaineering qualification with the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling.

Other relevant experience

  • Raleigh International 1999 – Project Manager on an expedition to Chonos Archipelago in Southern Chile.
  • Degree in Oceanography and Astronomy from Plymouth University, 1993.
  • Earthwatch 1998 – Millennium Fellowship member of the research expedition to study ancient rice terraces in the Philippines.
  • Fully trained ShelterBox Response Team member
  • Yachtmaster

Pete is currently studying for a Masters degree in Glaciology at Svalbard University.

Sue is a visual artist, performer, curator and theatre-maker, Landscape Director of WildWorks ( and member of Eden Project International. She has worked with many companies including Welfare State International, Emergency Exit Arts, Walk the Plank Theatre Ship and the National Theatre in London. In 1988 she joined Kneehigh, Cornwall’s international theatre company, serving on their management team from 1994 – 2001 and helping to grow their distinctive style of theatre. From 2000 until 2006 she was Artistic Director for the Eden Project, developing their innovative interpretation strategy, commissioning artists, writers and performers to illuminate Eden’s ideas and messages. With her brother Pete Hill she has made many large-scale carnival images and earth sculptures, including the iconic Mudmaid in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and the Dreaming Girl for the 4Head Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2006. In 2007 and 2008 they made large-scale installations for the Great Rift Valley Festival in Laikipia – ‘Ardhi’, a huge earth head, and a paper dhow ‘Ark’. In the aftermath of the election violence in Kenya, she worked with Kikuyu and Luo artists to make a series of installations and performance pieces in the RaMoMa Gallery in Nairobi. Sue regularly leads Artist Lock-ins for Arthouse Jersey (, collaborative creativity boot-camps for artists working in very diverse media and with a wide range of experience. She has led project development workshops for the Imperial War Museum, the Natural History Museum, the National Trust at Castle Drogo and Dyrham and at Yale for Historic Royal Palaces. She has twice been invited to contribute to the Gatherings organized by the Cornish American Heritage Society. She has travelled widely through her work, with performances, commissions, speaking engagements and seminars in Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, France, Kosovo, South Africa, Kenya, India, Egypt, U.S.A., Palestine, Australia, Hong Kong and China. Sue designed, with her partner Bill Mitchell,  many WildWorks projects, building a village out of wrecked boats in Malta, a treehouse round a huge eucalyptus tree overlooking the Green Line in Nicosia, and a fishing shanty (that the company lived in during rehearsal and performance) on the quay at Hayle in Cornwall. For ‘Souterrain’ she helped to create the Underworld anew in each location – in a village, a fortress, a department store, a school, the grounds of a hospice, a tin mine and a derelict convent. She led the development of ‘The Enchanted Palace’, the celebrated sequence of installation, interpretation and performance at Kensington Palace and was a member of the core team that created The Passion in Port Talbot with Michael Sheen. She is an Honorary Fellow of Falmouth University and Patron of Scary Little Girls (

Sue is currently working on projects with Eden Project International and exploring how to give artists creative access to the contents of her partner Bill Mitchell’s extraordinary Attic.

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